Monday, December 3, 2012

13 (Mostly) Happy Years!

HoneyBear and I are celebrating our 13th wedding anniversary this week, and we went on our customary anniversary date last night. Even though I am hugely pregnant, it was one of our best date nights yet!
2012-12-02 13th anniversary date 04

We went to see the Stardust Big Band, who plays regularly around Hot Springs, and I was thrilled to discover my former college clarinet professor, Dr. Earl Hesse, leading the saxophone section. I remember Dr. Hesse as a very talented, fun-loving man who was well-known for his practical jokes on HSU band trips. I was able to visit with him while the band was taking a break, and I felt very honored that he seemed to remember me as well! It has been 20 years, and he doesn't seem to have aged a bit.  Here he is playing a solo…

It was fun to see people our parents' age on the dance floor “cutting a rug”. It’s definitely an inspiration to take good care of our health and stay in shape!
Some of them seemed just as amused at seeing an 8-month-pregnant woman on the dance floor. 2012-12-02 13th anniversary date 052012-12-02 13th anniversary date 062012-12-02 13th anniversary date 07
(Did I mention that I am HUGE?)

After working up a hunger, we lingered  at Belle Arti Ristorante. The atmosphere was romantic, and the lobster bisque soup, stuffed portabella mushrooms, lobster-stuffed ravioli, and filet mignon were heavenly!
2012-12-02 13th anniversary date 092012-12-02 13th anniversary date 112012-12-02 13th anniversary date 14
Even if the prices did make us go:
2012-12-02 13th anniversary date 12
Oh, well, it’s only once a year. Winking smile

After dinner, we wrapped up the night by strolling through Garvan Woodland Gardens, which boasts a  two-million light Christmas display. It was definitely worth the hour and a half it took to waddle through. HoneyBear had to pull me up some of the hills, and I wound up taking off my boots and walking in my sock feet. It was 70 degrees out! I think we’ll take the children back in a couple of weeks. Maybe it will actually feel like Christmas then?
2012-12-02 13th anniversary date 232012-12-02 13th anniversary date 22
2012-12-02 13th anniversary date 242012-12-02 13th anniversary date 292012-12-02 13th anniversary date 272012-12-02 13th anniversary date 21
2012-12-02 13th anniversary date 312012-12-02 13th anniversary date 30

Still crazy in love after 13 years of marriage and six pregnancies together…priceless.

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