Sunday, October 21, 2012

My Fun Weekend

Every year, I look forward to our martial arts training camp. This year, camp was focused on kendo/kenjutsu. We learned sword kata, practicing with bokkens, and sparred with shinai in kendo sparring gear.


Since I am 31 weeks pregnant, Greg told me sternly, “No sparring.” Boo! But here I am with the other two ladies at the camp.


It was Greg’s first camp. When we got a break, I asked him, "So what do you think?"
He replied, "Y'all run on full-throttle around here."

2012 camp

Sunday, October 14, 2012

I Love My Coworkers

Even though this is our 7th baby, my coworkers still wanted to help me welcome him with a potluck and baby gifts. I appreciate their well-wishes, and I appreciate being part of such a group.


Erica wrote “Baby Sue” on top of the cupcakes. I had posted on Facebook that since we had no idea what to name him, and since he kicks all the time, I was going to call him “Sue.” (Y’all have heard Johnny Cash’s famous song “A Boy Named Sue”, right?)
(I dropped the plate trying to get the lid off and messed up her artwork.)


The critical care dept. will be experiencing a Baby Boom around Thanksgiving and Christmas this year!