Saturday, April 25, 2009

Happy birthday, Caveman!

I can't believe my baby boy is five years old.

For his birthday, we all went to see "Monsters vs. Aliens". He got underwear, shoes, and bedsheets for his presents. If you don't know the story behind that, he asked for a skateboard for his birthday, but a few weeks before, I found that he had ripped holes in his bedsheets using a screwdriver. Yeah. His tearing up things has been a big problem for us, and I'm ready to put a stop to it. I told him that with the money that I would have used for a skateboard, I was going to have to buy him new sheets instead.
I know some folks thought that was just too harsh of a punishment. I don't see it as a punishment, I see it as logical consequences. And I'm not a totally mean mama. I did get him Batman sheets (and Batman/Spiderman/Hulk underwear and Spiderman shoes). As you can see in the picture, he's not permanently scarred.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Easter Sunday

Easter Sunday started bright (or dark with rainclouds) and early. We have a tradition of making Resurrection Cookies the night before Easter, but the weather forecast was calling for rain, and the cookies do not turn out well when the humidity is high. So we arose early to make Resurrection Rolls instead. This will probably be our new tradition. I found the rolls are simpler to make than the cookies. They also made a nice breakfast with coffee and sausage.

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In spite of the downpour, thunder, and lightning, we had a large turnout at Mass. In contrast with the dreariness outside, the sanctuary was bright, warm, and fragrant with lilies, candles, and incense. In addition to celebrating Easter, we got to see the young ones at Church receive their First Holy Communion. I taught the class this year for the first time, and I was proud of the four young men who received their First Holy Communion.

We came home to a roast in the slowcooker and enjoyed a lovely Easter dinner together. And of course, we took lots and lots of pictures. It was Juju's first Easter!

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