Saturday, August 20, 2011

Happy 3rd Birthday, Juju!

IMG_2671  IMG_2681IMG_2609
Juju’s obsessions this year are kitties and “holly-copters.” He named his kitty Miss Kitty.
And in case you ever wonder why Juju's pictures are always blurry...well, just guess. :-)
Happy birthday, big boy!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Not Back To School

As most of my friends were posting their “first day of school” pictures on Facebook, my homeschooling friends met together at the almost-vacant splash pad for a “Not Back To School” celebration.
8-16-11 not-back-to-school14

No worries about school lunches, what to wear, unreasonable teachers, crazy schedules, or bullies over here!

8-16-11 not-back-to-school3 8-16-11 not-back-to-school9
8-16-11 not-back-to-school13 8-16-11 not-back-to-school7
8-16-11 not-back-to-school6 8-16-11 not-back-to-school12

8-16-11 not-back-to-school10
8-16-11 not-back-to-school4

Thank you, Maury and Catherine for sharing your pictures!