Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Not Back To School

As most of my friends were posting their “first day of school” pictures on Facebook, my homeschooling friends met together at the almost-vacant splash pad for a “Not Back To School” celebration.
8-16-11 not-back-to-school14

No worries about school lunches, what to wear, unreasonable teachers, crazy schedules, or bullies over here!

8-16-11 not-back-to-school3 8-16-11 not-back-to-school9
8-16-11 not-back-to-school13 8-16-11 not-back-to-school7
8-16-11 not-back-to-school6 8-16-11 not-back-to-school12

8-16-11 not-back-to-school10
8-16-11 not-back-to-school4

Thank you, Maury and Catherine for sharing your pictures!

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