Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Walking Around Our Small Town

Today, my Honeybear and I went walking around our small town--the town where I grew up—and for some reason, it occurred to me to pull out my iPhone and snap some pictures.

I have lived here my whole life, but it has changed a bit from when I was a child. My Daddy lived here his whole life, and from the pictures I’ve seen taken when he was a child, the change is even more dramatic. I guess I just wanted to document for the children the town of their childhoods. If we ever move (we are discussing it), I know I will appreciate these memories.

This burger joint has been here for as long as I can remember. It sits at the major intersection of the two highways that run through our town, and travelers passing through are well-acquainted with its mom-and-pop-style burgers.
small town burger joint
Continuing up the square, the courthouse is a block away.IMG_5902
Across from the courthouse is the dojo where I began studying martial arts in 2002. I help teach here now, and two of my children study here.
small town dojo
There have been many different businesses occupying these buildings in the last thirty years.
We wound up stopping in a small coffee house, which has been here for…I dunno…ten years now?IMG_5889
I love the décor and the atmosphere of this place.
Even more, I love sharing coffee here with this man.
Around the block from the coffee house is our city hall.IMG_5898
And on our way back home, a street from our quiet neighborhood, where we’ve taken many walks and bicycle rides through the years.

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