Tuesday, December 25, 2012

This Christmas…

I decided to play “the pregnancy card” this year (I’m ready to “pop” any minute), and I scaled way back on my normal Christmas preparations. I did not send out cards. I did not do a bunch of shopping or make a bunch of homemade gifts. I did not do a bunch of baking. And other than Christmas Eve Mass, I did not go anywhere.

2012-12-24 Christmas Mass 07

Honestly? This has been the best Christmas I’ve had in quite awhile. Aside from pregnancy discomforts and anxieties, this year has been less stressful and more peaceful. I’ve actually enjoyed Christmas. Maybe I’ve been too busy doing too much stuff that really doesn’t matter? Maybe my future Christmases should be this simple?

2012-12-25 Christmas opening presents 01

The kids put up and decorated the Christmas tree. I left it just the way they decorated it.

2012-12-25 Christmas opening presents 082012-12-25 Christmas opening presents 11

The kids got two gifts apiece from us. They seemed to greatly appreciate them. Greg and I each ordered the other something that we had been wanting, but we didn’t spend a lot of money. (My present is a pair of these –I can’t wait to play with them! I can’t post Greg’s because he isn’t sure what I ordered yet.)

My dinner was quickly thrown together from boxes, cans, and the frozen section, but regardless, the temptation to use paper plates was fleeting and easily overcome. I love getting out my “fancy” dishes and my Christmas tablecloth. Winking smile

2012-12-25 Christmas dinner 01

2012-12-25 Christmas dinner 02

As we were getting ready to sit down to Christmas dinner, the doorbell rang. It was my brother, whom is in the military and stationed thousands of miles away. Big smiles all around here!

2012-12-25 visiting uncle Joe

We ended the evening by watching “A Christmas Story”—Caveman got a bb gun for Christmas, and the phrase “you’ll shoot your eye out, kid" was the most repeated phrase at our house today.

2012-12-25 watching A Christmas Story

To top it all off…

2012-12-25 White Christmas 10

We had a rare white Christmas!

I’m feeling pretty blessed tonight. And I’m thinking that this is the way Christmas should feel. Merry Christmas.

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