Thursday, October 14, 2010

And It’s A…

We had our ultrasound on October 14. This time I really wanted to find out baby’s gender. I do think it is great fun being surprised, like opening a present at Christmas. On the other hand, I also think it’s more fun to shop for stuff ahead of time when you know who you’re shopping for. And I will be doing much shopping this time, since I gave away most of our baby stuff and newborn/small cloth diapers.

The day was a beautiful sunny one, perfect for an adventure. On the way to our appointment, I played with the camera on my new iPhone 4.
(Hi, Baby! It’s yo Mama!)
IMG_0703 IMG_0705
They had said that four people could come back to the ultrasound room, but all seven of us managed to cram in there. The kids stared at the screen intently, asking a half a dozen questions apiece every minute, sometimes all at the same time. Juju preferred to explore. I’ll bet the poor ultrasound tech wasn’t used to that kind of noise, but she was very sweet and patiently answered the many questions. We first looked at Baby to make sure everything was as it should be. And it was, praise be to God.

10-14-10 ultrasoundThen came the moment we were all waiting for. The ultrasound tech whispered to Mojo, who whispered to Caveman, who whispered to Gem, who whispered to Sunshine, who announced out loud…
10-14-10 ultrasound2  All the kids had guessed "girl" from the beginning, except Caveman, who said "if it’s a sister, we’ll have to give her to someone else."

After our ultrasound, we ate at Cracker Barrel to celebrate.
IMG_0712 IMG_0713
IMG_0716 IMG_0719
And here’s Mama’s 18-week belly…

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  1. How precious! Congratulations! We had our two in there with us for Cora's u/s. Not quite the commotion with only 4, but same idea. :-) I love the self-portraits. You are so beautiful.