Saturday, September 25, 2010

The County Fair

I’m behind on our blogging. Back in August, I signed a 3-month contract in CCU, which will be finished the first week of November. Until then, I’m behind on pretty much everything.
But anyway, I wanted to blog about the fair, as it is always a big deal to the children. The parade, rides, the games, the lights, entering their artwork and waiting to see what prize they received…it’s almost like another holiday. They ask for weeks and weeks ahead of time “When will the fair be here?”
Here are some pics from this year’s county fair.
IMG_0643 IMG_0646
Watching the parade. Juju was excited about all the emergency vehicles, was not so excited about them blowing their sirens so close.
IMG_0645 IMG_0650
Sunshine marched with the band. Gem’s favorite part was the horse, of course.

IMG_0658Sunshine got grand champion on this whimsical piece of art (hopefully, I’ll get around to scanning it later), blue ribbons on all her other pieces. The other children got red ribbons on their artwork. 
IMG_0661 IMG_0664
IMG_0666 IMG_0669
Juju did not care one bit for the rides. I think all of their favorite parts was playing the games and winning prizes. Or maybe it was the cotton candy.

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