Thursday, November 19, 2009

Happy Birthday, Little Gem!

My little princess turned three years old today. We celebrated at home with a “My Little Pony” cake and barbeque meatballs, Gem’s favorite meal. We also had veggie and fruit trays and cheese dip and chips (Daddy’s request). As she was getting ready to go to sleep, she told me “Thank you for my birthday!”

DSCF0007 DSCF0008
DSCF0010 DSCF0011
DSCF0020 Gem’s Favorite Things
Favorite color: purple
Favorite movies: Snow White, Wizard of Oz
Favorite food: birthday cake
Favorite toy: My Little Pony
Favorite Songs: Old MacDonald, Funkytown, Hot Chocolate

And of course, a trip down memory lane…

11-19-06 06 11-20-06 014
11-26-06 003 First smiles.
Gemma in her baptism gown. 6-6-07 Gemma
10-31-07 Halloween9  11-19-07 010
4-29-08 08 5-6-08 Gemma 17 months
11-19-08 029 1-12-09 playgroup6
4-19-09 02 7-8-09 05

I love you so much, my princess!


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! I love this post!!!! She is such a sweet girl and the thank you mommy... Ahhh how sweet is that!

  2. Thank you, Catherine! We thought about inviting some friends over, but with me working the two nights before, and Greg working the weekend, we didn't get to plan anything.