Monday, June 29, 2009

Mojo's New 'Do

Mojo has been begging me for awhile now to cut her hair...short. We got it cut in March, but it wasn't short enough for her liking. Sigh. I'm one who believes in personal expression, and it is her hair. I told Caveman not too long ago that he didn't have to cut his if he didn't want to, and I've told Sunshine that purple hair is fine as long as she pays for it. Why would I be so reluctant to let Mojo wear her hair short? Maybe it's the feeling of rejection; those curls come from ME. That is the only claim I have to her looks. The rest of it she gets from her Daddy.
But the deed is done now, she is very happy with it, and I must admit it looks adorable on her. Though maybe a little too "grown-up" for my taste!
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Mama still misses these days...

Mojo Facts:
Favorite Colors: Hot pink and purple. Preferrably sparkly.
Favorite Foods: Broccoli cheese soup, Spaghetti-O's, hand-made tamales (the way the Mexican families at our church make them.)
Favorite Movies: Bolt, Madagascar 2, The Wild
Favorite Books: The Trumpet of the Swan
Favorite Songs: "He Set Me Free", "Funkytown"
Favorite Character: Indiana Jones (though Mama won't let her watch the movies, she checks out the books from the library every chance she gets.)
Activities: martial arts, basketball, and she loves our homeschool group

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