Monday, March 9, 2009

Sibling Love

One of the reasons I decided to have a large-ish family--aside from the fact that babies are just so darn sweet!--is because I wanted my children to have the experience of siblings. I've heard it said (was it Pope John Paul II?) that the best gift you can give your children is another sibling. It certainly has been true in our household. Sure, they fight. Drives me up the wall. But they also learn that life is more fun when they get along. Life is more fun when they share. My girls are blessed with sisters. They are also blessed with learning how to tolerate boys. My boys are blessed with a brother. They are also blessed with sisters to pester. The older ones are blessed with having babies in the house, who will light up each time they walk into the room and reach for them. By the time the babies are older, perhaps they will be blessed with nieces and nephews to babysit. They will learn a lot from each other growing up.

The other day, I witnessed yet another reason to give your children siblings. You know that game that babies love to play when they are sitting in their highchairs? The "throw-something-on-the-floor-and-squeal-until-someone-hands-it-back-to-you" game? Juju discovered this game the other night while I was cooking supper. I groaned. But Gem and Caveman were there in a flash giggling and picking up Juju's toys, and the three of them kept each other entertained for a good 30 minutes. I hope to get a video next time!

Here are some recent pictures of the siblings...
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  1. Loved the post. One of my favs! Your children are beautiful!

  2. Beautiful, and well said. You have a lovely family. ;)