Friday, March 20, 2009

Science Fair

Today our homeschool group hosted a science fair. This is the first year we've done this, and I was very pleased with the turn-out. There were 16 projects presented by the children, and I learned some new things about ladybugs, camels, hippos, plants, and diet coke mixed with mentos. :-) We gave out certificates to the children who participated, and we plan to submit a picture to our local newspaper.

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This was Mojo's introduction to the scientific method. Her hypothesis was "I think that if I add enough salt to water, an object will float in the water." She tested her hypothesis by placing an egg in one cup of water. She added salt, one teaspoon at a time, until the egg floated in the water. She recorded her observations with the help of Mama and the camera. Her conclusion was that adding 7 teaspoons of salt to one cup of water would make an egg float in the water. Adding more fresh water caused the egg to float between the fresh and salt water. We then learned some interesting facts about the Dead Sea.

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Mojo loves science, and she really enjoyed learning about the scientific method and conducting her own experiment. We chose a simple expirement because I wanted her to do most of the work. I helped with taking the pictures, printing things out, and helping her to organize her materials, but she concucted the experiment, made the observations, drew a conclusion, and wrote everything down. She was proud of her work, and I was proud of it, too!

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  1. She did a great job. I loved how she went first. Good for her.