Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Mojo’s Confirmation

We did not intend to have two Sacraments in one year, much less a week apart! But Mojo received the Sacrament of Confirmation on Sunday, June 14, a week after her sister received her First Holy Communion.

Mojo chose for her sponsor someone whom we’ve known for many years now, and whom she looks up to—one of our Sensei. He attends the Cathedral, and we often see him there when we visit.


He even wore a suit. Smile


Mojo was thrilled to have some of her non-Catholic friends, from our dojo and from our homeschooling group, to come be a part of her special day. In addition, one of her oldest and dearest friends received the Sacrament of Confirmation with her. (I was impressed that her friend made her own dress!)


The veil that Mojo wore had been worn by her Aunts Karen and Becky at each of their First Holy Communion.


The Confirmandi


Besides her friends, this day was also shared by her grandparents and her Aunt Becky, who is her Godmother.


We were able to sit and visit with the bishop for awhile at the reception. It was an all-around beautiful, blessed day.
I will share my thoughts on receiving our Sacraments in the Latin Mass community in a separate blog post. For now I will say that although it was out of our way and at times seemed like a hardship (especially with two a week apart), we all agreed afterward that we were glad we did it this way. Not only was the children’s faith strengthened by receiving the Sacraments, but Greg’s and mine were, too.

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