Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Ultrasound Day

Since the kids couldn’t come with us to the appointment (you know, chicken pox and all), Sunshine babysat for us. We had the day to ourselves. After the ultrasound, which showed us a perfect healthy baby, we celebrated with lunch at Taziki’s Mediterranean Café… gyros, hummus and baked pita wedges, and dolmades (grape leaves stuffed with basmati rice).


Since the children were unable to come with us, we brought home treats and pizza. They played outside while we sat the table, and then we brought them inside to announce it’s a…

IMG_5482MONKEY! hehe


They were all *so sure* they were having a sister, and this is the first time the siblings have been wrong! As you can see, Mojo was especially hoping for another sister. Even Caveman—with the last baby, he informed us “if it’s a sister, we’ll have to give her to someone else”—well, Caveman loves his little Gigi so much that he was hoping for another sister, too.
I’m betting that in a few months, they’ll be so excited about having a new baby in the house, they won’t mind that he’s a boy. Winking smile


  1. Dacey cried when she learned Connor was a boy. She was so confident he'd be a girl! Six years later, she's pretty happy that he's just who HE is! :-)

  2. Congratulations, Paula! I just re-discovered your blog. Please email I need to pass on some information about our friend Jamie/JEJmomma. Her husband asked that I try to get a hold of you. -Alisa H. (mommyalisa)