Monday, June 18, 2012

The Way of the Warrior Woman

(Exercising at 11 weeks pregnant.)

I was struggling with weights and pushups so much that I was just about ready to abandon them. I did not do any strength training at all for almost 2 weeks.
Finally, it occurred to me that in my martial arts training, I always hear the phrase “do something.” Whatever we do, even if we don’t land our techniques perfectly, we must do something; standing still is never an option.
So did something. I decided to do pushups and stop when they became a struggle instead of wearing myself out trying to get to a certain number. I also took 5 lbs off each dumbbell. That felt much better, and I felt great afterward! That's what it's about, right? Instead of whining at how "wimpy" I've become with pregnancy, I'm reminding myself that I've never been able to work this hard while pregnant before.

(And yes, I realize my lunge form is slipping here. I continue to work on that.)

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