Monday, November 21, 2011

Our Little Gem is Five

One of these days, I’m going to learn how to use a real camera. Until that day comes, here are the pics I snapped with my iPhone.

IMG_3228  IMG_3256IMG_3232
Mama put together a rainbow fruit tray and made rainbow cupcakes topped with marshmallow cream and the My Little Pony characters. We even had rainbow drinks! I made colored ice cubes with food coloring, and we poured Sprite over them.
(Want to hear something funny? Back when I was pregnant with Gem, I asked Mojo, who was five at the time, what we should name her sister. She insisted that her name was Rainbow Fruit. As I was putting together the fruit tray, I chuckled at the memory.)
Here’s my precious birthday girl! In addition to rainbow cupcakes and fruit, we also had Gem’s meal of choice—barbecue meatballs. And carrots and dip, pickles, and blue chips with salsa.

IMG_3234 IMG_3250
Some of Gem’s favorite friends came to celebrate with us.

Big sister, Sunshine, once again donated her artistic talents to help us Pin the Tail on the Pony. We also made paper princess crowns (there are some nice templates here, and the boys even enjoyed making king crowns). The guests also guessed how many pony treats were in the jar. 

Here are Gem’s favorites this year…
Color: pink
Toy: Ponies
TV Show: My Little Pony (big sister pulls them up on Youtube for her to watch)
Movie:  Cars2
Song: “that pony song!”
Food: grapes
Dessert: M&M McFlurries

Happy happy birthday, Princess Gem! You are truly a bright, sparkling part of our lives!

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