Sunday, October 2, 2011

National Life Chain, Sunday October 2nd

A peaceful, silent witness:

My ten-year-old wrote these words in her journal this week:
”People kill babies all over the world, every day, and it’s wrong! Who would want to kill a baby? Babies are sweet, cute, and fun to love, watch, and teach. Their little voices are…they make my heart explode with joy! I LOVE BABIES!”
That’s what is being destroyed. Babies. Children recognize that babies are babies even when they are still in their mamas’ tummies.
The lawmakers recognize that they are babies—they’ve even enacted laws (the Unborn Victim of Violence Act) to make it a crime to kill an unborn baby. Sometimes.
Medical personnel recognize that they are babies. Doctors and nurses work diligently and lovingly to save babies who are too small to survive outside their mothers’ wombs. If their mothers want them
The saddest thing of all is that many of the mothers who choose abortion also realize that their choice ends the life of their baby. Some don’t realize it at the time, but make the discovery later. I’ve heard from so many of them through the years—friends and strangers. They often live for years with regret, guilt, depression, anxiety, and even PTSD. They experience infertility and complications affecting future pregnancies. My heart aches for women who carry this heavy burden around, and I want every woman who finds herself in this situation to know…Jesus loves, forgives, and heals. I also want women to know…there is a better choice.
For now, it remains legal for mothers to choose to kill their own unborn babies. We are a split personality nation—on the one hand, we go through great lengths and expense to save the lives of our smallest helpless members. On the other hand, we destroy them and throw them into the garbage. It’s illogical. It’s wrong.

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My friend’s son, Little Man, age 10: " It is really a no-brainer, who would not stand up for life? It is LIFE, just stop and think about it.”

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Sunshine, age 17:  “It was nice to see so many people honking and waving in support. But then there were those people who were driving by making rude gestures at us. When I saw them, I thought it would be nice if everyone were honking and waving. Then I realized…those who are making the rude gestures are the ones who need to see our message the most.”

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