Friday, September 16, 2011

Which Ones Should We Keep?

It was just one of those days. 
DaddyBear was home from work and was helping me juggle housework, homeschooling, meals, a cranky teething baby, a tantrum-throwing toddler, and bickering siblings. At one point he looked at me and remarked, "We have too many kids!"
I agreed. "So, which ones do you want to send back?"
His immediate reply was "The boys. They are too rowdy."
"The boys? Really? I thought you wanted to carry on your family name. And one of these days when they are older, they can help with heavy lifting and stuff."
"Hm. I guess so." After thinking a moment, he continued, "And if we kept the boys, we wouldn't have weddings to pay for. And if they went into the military, we wouldn't have to pay for college."
"Besides,” I pointed out, “if we got rid of the girls instead, the boys would have nobody to pester. Then we wouldn't have to listen to so much screaming."
"But the girls are so much help around the house and with the baby."
"We could get rid of the baby. She's where most of the work comes from."
"No way! She's too cute!" 

9-9-11 play with friends12
We thought about it some more.
"What if we just kept one of each?"
"Well, we’d have to keep Mojo because she's such a big help. She's the dependable one. She'll probably be the one taking care of us when we get old." 100_0759 
"We’d have to keep Caveman because he's the generous one; he always shares with his siblings. Besides, I still think he's going to be a priest someday."
4-13-11 playing dress up
"Gem is such an affectionate cuddlebug. We can’t do without her hugs and kisses!"
"And Juju is just so funny. He keeps us laughing."
(“I not naked…see?”)
(“I in my cage!”)

And the oldest…well, she’s a senior this year. She’ll be leaving soon whether we like it or not.IMG_2137

So I guess we’ll just hang on to all of them. For as long as we can.

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