Monday, December 13, 2010

Am I Late?

My mama said I was born several weeks late. All my babies are born late. This year, I’m ordering my Christmas cards late.
Except that I am not actually late. May I remind you that Catholics observe Advent for four weeks before Christmas, and our Christmas celebration doesn’t begin until the Christmas Eve vigil? It’s technically not appropriate for us to say “Merry Christmas” during Advent, and we will continue to say “Merry Christmas” after the rest of you have put away your decorations and moved on. Our Christmas celebration lasts for twelve days until the Feast of the Epiphany on January 6th. So there ya go. The way I see it, I’m not chronically late after all; it’s just that everyone else’s timetable is off.

All that to say…I’m working on Christmas cards. Our favorite shots have always been of the kids in their pajamas in front of the Christmas tree.
Our foreign exchange students have humored me by posing in their jammies.
12-24-03 Christmas with Da-Haechristmasjammies Not everyone wants to cooperate, though.

Our niece has also joined in the fun…12-25-08 081 
This year, I managed to get one of all the children looking at the camera and smiling. At the same time.

Just remember when you get your card from us somewhere around December 28…it’s not late. Christmas will have just begun.

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  1. Hey Paula! Great Family Photo! I love it! :)
    The kids have grown so much - they are all beautiful! Sending warm hugs and love, becky