Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Camping With the Extended Family

I have to admit that I was not especially looking forward to toting a not-quite-two-year-old to the woods and spending a night in a tent without electricity in July in Arkansas. But I was looking forward to seeing Greg’s family, so we came up with an escape plan just in case the toddler thing didn’t work out. ;-)
It really was great seeing everyone. I loved watching the cousins play together. We enjoyed swimming in the lake. Greg’s brother-in-law, Jimmy, cooked a fine fried chicken dinner with the works. We even wound up staying the night in the tent, though we slept very little.  
7-5-10 camping 01 7-5-10 camping 02
7-5-10 camping 03 7-5-10 camping 04
7-5-10 camping 08 7-5-10 camping 11
Juju really took to his cousin MM! She toted him around like a baby doll.
7-5-10 camping 067-5-10 camping 13
I think Caveman tried to monopolize Aunt Catie’s time as usual.
7-6-10 camping 01 7-6-10 camping 02 
Juju also went with Uncle Steve for a walk…he was persuaded by Uncle Steve letting him hold the doggie leash.
7-6-10 camping 03 7-6-10 camping 04
And he let his cousin T hold him. When MM saw, she said “Hey! That’s MY baby!” lol
Of course Gem stuck to Reesie like glue.
7-6-10 camping 07 7-6-10 camping 06
7-6-10 camping 15 7-6-10 camping 13
Looking forward to seeing everyone’s pictures, and looking forward to doing it again, y’all!

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