Saturday, April 24, 2010

Happy Birthday to Caveman!

DSCF0275 We had planned a trip to the zoo for Caveman’s 6th birthday, but the weather didn’t cooperate with us. He was disappointed at first, but his best friend came over to share cake and ice cream with him, which made his day delightful after all. We will re-plan the zoo trip later when the weather is nicer.

4-24-10 Caveman with Daddy and MamaHe got a skateboard for his birthday, which he has been wanting for awhile now!

Mama had planned some fun games, including “Pin the Web on Spiderman” (poster courtesy of his talented big sister!) …DSCF0268

“Villain Toss” (a variation of the “bean bag toss”, where we wrote the names of Spiderman’s villains on blocks to toss them into jail)…DSCF0285 
and “Crime Bust” (Remember the game on the old Bozo show where the kids raced with the balloons and sat on them to pop them? Yeah, like that. Except with the names of things that bad guys do, like stealing and lying, written on the balloons.)DSCF0286

But the sun was shining and it was beautiful outside by the time we started. The boys couldn’t be bothered with playing inside! All that creativity put to waste. lol Maybe someone else whose birthday boy (or girl) loves Spiderman can use these ideas.

The important thing was that Caveman said that he had a very happy birthday.


  1. Happy b-day big guy!!! Catherine

  2. Soooo sweet!!!!!

    love you, Siobhan

  3. Thank y'all! I hope we can all get together for that zoo trip soon!