Sunday, December 13, 2009

Date Night

Every year for our anniversary, Bear and I try to go out on a date. Last weekend was actually our ten-year anniversary, but Bear had to work, and I was on call. No matter, we can celebrate anytime, right?
This weekend, we went to eat at our favorite Mexican restaurant, since it was the feast day of Our Lady Guadalupe. We also went to Mexico for our honeymoon, so we like revisiting those memories. :-)

After we ate, we went to a pub to hear some live blues. We used to like to do this when we were dating, but I seriously do not think we've listened to any live blues since we've been married! How sad is that?! I guess we've just been busy having and raising kids. Maybe we can make a little more time for some occasional blues.

We ended the night with our tradition of Christmas shopping for the kids. We've already bought gifts for the middle three, so we just needed to buy for the oldest and youngest.
While we were at the dreaded Wal-Mart (which was the only thing open that late, and which just happened to carry the gifts we had in mind), I noticed a bunch of people standing/sitting in the aisle. Of course, being the nosy person I am, I asked why they were hanging out in the electronic aisle at that time of night. Turns out the Toshiba laptops were going on sale for $299 beginning at midnight. What a coincidence; I just happened to be needing a laptop! So I looked at the clock, called the babysitter, and joined the line. Sho 'nuff snagged myself a new laptop for $330, counting tax. A little impulsive, yes, but it's times like this that I am glad I have a job!
While I was in line, I started blogging to pass the time, but I wound up having an interesting conversation with a couple--he had come from a family of ten, and she had come from a family of eight. She told me that they only had one child, but she had always regretted not having more. Anyway, I live for interesting conversations with strangers. :-) I must take after my daddy, huh?
So here I am, blogging on the way home after a very late and fun night. Bear and I are going to have to take shifts napping tomorrow and go to the late Mass.

- Bloggin' from my iPhone. Pardon the typos. ;-)

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