Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The Kids' Visit With St. Nick

Santa made an appearance at our library story hour on December 9. The children enjoyed visiting with him.
Story hour Christmas party

It was Juju's first visit with Santa. He asked for new shoes.
Juju and Santa

Gem asked for a Barbie doll.
Gem and Santa

Caveman asked for a monster truck.
Caveman and Santa

Mojo asked for a robot.
Mojo and Santa

We teach our children that the real St. Nicholas is in heaven with Jesus, praying for all the little boys and girls on earth.  We tell them the stories of the kind deeds he performed on earth.  We know that all good gifts come from Jesus, but we also know that Jesus has helpers...like St. Nicholas, mommy, daddy, and others who show love and kindness.  The children enjoy visiting with one of these helpers and are always eager to spill their Christmas wishes!

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