Sunday, May 11, 2008

My Mother's Day Was Just Wonderful, Thank You

I worked last night (12 hour shifts) and was exhausted when I got home this morning. I did my best to stay awake during Mass, drove Gem around til she fell asleep afterward, and got to bed around 11:30am (the Sunday school teachers bring the older kids home for me after they finish up all their lessons.) Up at 4:30pm, still tired as all-get-out, got to play with the kids briefly and then had to rush off to work again at 5:30pm. It was Bear's weekend to work also, so I got to see him briefly today when he stopped by the hospital on the way home to bring me some food (thanks, honey!)

But this is not a whiney blog. Honest-to-goodness, I'm not whining.

I'm thinking of someone I know, whose precious little girl has been in the hospital for over a month now, and who has gotten devastating news that the doctors don't feel as though there's anything else they can do. She's been by her baby's side, missing her other two babies, missing her husband much of the time, and now they are faced with the heart-wrenching possibility of having to say goodbye to their dear little one.
I'm thinking of another dear mama I know whose little girl went to be with Jesus last year around this time and how her arms must ache right now.
I'm thinking of other women I know who would like nothing more than to wrestle with rambunctious kids in church, to get homemade cards and flower bouquets, and to hear little voices calling "mamamamamama!" But for reasons they can't understand, their arms remain empty.
I'm also thinking of those women I know who do it all on their own without a partner, never getting a break, never hearing the words "I'll bathe the kids" or "I'll bring you dinner, what would you like?" or "you're doing a good job, honey".

So, even though I did not have a Hallmark commercial kind of Mother's Day, it was beautiful to me nonetheless. I cherish the homemade drawing that the kids signed (or scribbled) their names to. I cherish the flowers placed lovingly in the vase on my table. I cherish the hugs and kisses I got before I left the house. I cherish the man who sent me the email telling me what a good job I am doing raising his children. I am thankful beyond words for all this madness.

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